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What is Earn? 

At Swyftx, we are constantly striving to innovate and offer our users a crypto trading experience like no other. We are thrilled to announce “Earn”, the newest feature coming to Swyftx.  

Earn is a Swyftx feature that allows you to earn interest on your crypto including stablecoins and top market cap coins. Get more from your holdings by earning daily interest across 20 cryptos! Earn will be replacing Swyftx’s staking feature; Users can opt-in to Earn, and any crypto assets currently being staked will automatically transition to Earn. 

What’s new? 

  • Earn on BTC, ETH, TAUD, USDT, USDC
 & 16 other cryptocurrencies  
  • Earn interest compounded daily  
  • We’ve increased caps across all assets  
  • Rewards per year (RPY) has changed to Annual Percentage Yield (APY) 
  • Tiered APY structure 

How it works  

Taking part in Earn is simple. You will need to have the eligible earn cryptocurrencies in your Swyftx wallet. If you don’t already own any of these, you can easily purchase them via the trade function in your Swyftx app.  

Select the cryptocurrencies you want to earn interest on, and just like that, you’ll start earning daily interest on your crypto investments. Interest earned is automatically added to your total balance of that cryptocurrency each day.  

Earn will be available on the Swyftx web platform and mobile app on May 5th, 2022 AEST. Users who choose to opt-out of Earn will have their staked assets returned to their trading wallet and can choose to use Earn at a later date.  

To learn more and view our rates, visit our Earn page.  

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