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Auto Invest

Crypto Investing on Auto Pilot

The Auto Invest feature allows you to schedule automatic recurring orders through the Swyftx app. This can be used as part of a dollar cost averaging strategy, spreading out your entry points into crypto and mitigating the risk of poorly timed once-off trades.

How to use Swyftx Auto Invest


Select your desired assets

Select the coins and assets you are interested in investing in automatically.

Select preferences

Select your Auto Invest order preferences like funding method, start date and frequency.

Review your order

Confirm your Auto Invest details on the review page before creating your order.

Automate your trading

Frequently asked questions

Still have more questions?

Are there additional fees associated with Auto Invest?

No, there are no additional fees associated with using Swyftx’s Auto Invest feature. Each trade will incur a fee of 0.6% + spread just like most other transactions on the platform.

Can you set an end date for an Auto Invest order?

You cannot directly set an end date for an Auto Invest order on Swyftx. However, if you’re funding the transactions with a recurring bank transfer, your banking platform may allow you to set a custom end date. Additionally, you can pause an ongoing Auto Invest order through the Swyftx “Auto Invest” page.

Can you delete an Auto Invest order?

Yes, you can delete an Auto Invest order via the Swyftx mobile and web platform. Navigate to the Swyftx “Auto Invest” page and simply click “delete order”.

Is there a limit to the number of Auto Invest orders I can create? 

No, there is no limit to the number of Auto Invest orders you can have live concurrently. This allows customers to set up several different transactions targeting different sub-sectors of the crypto market, if they desire.

Can I edit an existing Auto Invest order?

Yes, existing Auto Invest orders can be edited at any time, allowing customers to adjust portfolio weightings, payment frequency, and amount spent per transaction.

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