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About Swyftx

A progressive platform built to stand out from the rest

As active traders, we designed and built Swyftx to create a platform that fixed all the issues that we had faced when trading with other platforms. We wanted an exchange that had low feed, great customer support, fast verification and easy trading.

How Swyftx Began

A conversation between two friends

Alex and Angus, our co-founders, first met at the University of Sydney while they were still in high school attending a computer science camp. Little did they know that soon they would start a business journey together and create Swyftx.

After quitting their jobs, Alex and Angus pooled their savings together and spent the next year working away on their laptops creating the trading platform they dreamed of; one that offered low fees, simplified deposit and withdraw process, offered real time support and a unique demo mode that allowed mock trading for new traders. After twelve months of hard work, Swyftx was launched. 

Our Vision

Become the all in one platform for trading

At Swyftx, we have a vision to become the next big thing in Crypto; to create a platform that has all the best features and capabilities rolled into one platform.

The Future

Continue to enhance the platform

The team behind Swyftx work tirelessly to achieve our future goals and release new features and updates to create a platform that gives our customers what they really want and to continuously improve the platform.

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