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Crypto Scams & Security Alerts

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This page breaks down a number of scams that we have identified or have been reported to us by our customers. These are provided for example purposes only and scammers will attempt to use a number of different approaches to illegally access your funds. It is important to always stay vigilant and if in doubt report it to our Customer Support team via the live chats.

The latest scams & security alerts


People impersonating Swyftx staff & accounts.

Be cautious of Swyftx spam accounts on Facebook and people impersonating Swyftx staff. We will never message you directly on social media. If you see anything suspicious on social media, we ask that you report it immediately.

November 28, 2023

Fake Swyftx Websites

How to spot this scam:

Paid Ads Placement: Be cautious when conducting searches for Swyftx on a search engine, as fake Swyftx sites may be strategically positioned at the top as paid advertisements. Always verify the legitimacy of the link before clicking, ensuring it directs to the official domain,

Imitation Login Pages: Upon clicking a fraudulent link, you may encounter a login page remarkably similar to the authentic Swyftx website. Scammers exploit this resemblance to compromise your account by capturing the information you input, including sensitive details such as 2FA and SMS codes.

What happens if I fall victim to the Scam?

In the unfortunate event of falling prey to such a scam you must take immediate Action. If you inadvertently log into a fake website or notice unauthorised actions on your Swyftx account, promptly contact our support team through the chat feature. We are here to swiftly assist in restricting and securing your account.

How to Stay Safe:

To enhance the security of your Swyftx account and minimise the risk of falling victim to phishing scams, we recommend the following:

  • Verify the Source: Only log in through the official website or the authorised app to ensure the legitimacy of the platform.
  • Adopt Strong Security Measures: Implement best security practices, including the use of a unique password, activation of 2FA, and maintaining a separate email address exclusively for your Swyftx account.
  • Clarify Communications: Exercise caution when receiving texts or emails from Swyftx. Read them carefully as to the actions that are occurring on your account and refrain from divulging any account details or codes over the phone or through chat channels.

May 29, 2023

Vishing Scam

How to spot this scam:

You may receive a phone call from an unknown individual or automated system claiming to be Swyftx. Commonly, the purpose of the phone call is to steal your verification information, including requesting two factor authentication codes, login details and personal information.

What happens if I fall victim to this scam?

These cyber attackers will seize control of your Swyftx account, by changing the email address and phone number, and attempt to steal funds. These attackers will attempt to withdraw your funds in cryptocurrency due to its anonymity and difficulty for recovery.

How to stay safe:

  • Do not provide your login details or verification codes to anyone – Swyftx will never ask for this information via phone, email, or SMS.
  • If you receive an SMS or email with verification codes when you haven’t been active on your account or initiated the need for these codes, contact our 24/7 Live Chat immediately.
  • If an individual calls you to request the above information, ask for the name of the individual and the company they work for, hang up, and reach out to our Live Chat to verify this information.
  • Swyftx will never phone you with an automated message, or from an international number.

November 3, 2022

Fake Job Ads

How to spot this scam:

Fake Swyftx jobs may appear on job websites advertising roles in various regions across Australia. For example, we have recently seen a ‘Finance Assistant’ role be posted.

After applying through the job website, scammers will attempt to reach out to you via email and provide a PDF with a fake job description, along with an invite to join a Skype call to discuss the role further.

What happens if I fall victim to this scam?

The scammer may ask you to create a verified account on the Swyftx platform, where they may try to get you to launder fraudulent funds on their behalf. This is known as ‘Mone Muling’.

How to stay safe:

Crosscheck advertised jobs on our career page and submit your application directly on our website. If you are unsure whether an email claiming to be from Swyftx is legitimate, reach out to our 24/7 Customer Support to confirm before replying or clicking any links.

October 13, 2022

SMS & phone call phishing scam 

How to spot this scam:  

You may receive an SMS claiming that there is a problem with your account, your account has been frozen, or there has been a login attempt from a new device and asking you to click on a link to rectify the issue. You may also receive a phone call which results in a scammer instructing you to transfer funds to an external wallet out of your control in order to overcome a problem or suspicious login to your account. 

What happens if I fall victim to this scam? 

Scammers will attempt to steal funds by instructing you to transfer funds to an external wallet, or otherwise obtain your login details and personal information. 

How to stay safe: 

To keep your funds and account safe do not transfer funds at another person's instruction. Do not share your login details, including username, password and 2FA code or personal information with anyone. Our Customer Support team will only ever ask you to confirm these details after we recall them from our records. Our Customer Support team will never instruct you to transfer funds. Be vigilant when clicking links claiming to be Swyftx and only access Swyftx via the mobile app or at or

October 10, 2022

Fraudulent Google ads

Cyber criminals have created a series of Google Ads promoting themselves as Swyftx.  
How to spot this scam: 
When searching “Swyftx” on Google, an ad with a fake website will appear as the first search result.  
What happens if I fall victim to this scam?  

When clicking on the ad, it will direct users to a fake website that looks identical or similar to the Swyftx login page. This is an attempt to steal user login information and gain access to the account and ultimately steal funds from the account.  

How to stay safe:  

Always check the URL of the search result and be mindful before clicking through to any links. If you are unsure whether a URL is real or fake, please reach out to our 24/7 Customer Support team to check.  

October 10, 2022

Instagram phishing scams

Fake Instagram accounts impersonating our brand & Swyftx employees have been contacting customers.

How to spot this scam:

You may receive a direct message via Instagram requesting funds are sent to a cryptocurrency wallet or inviting you to participate in a trading scam.

What happens if I fall victim to this scam?

Scammers will attempt to steal personal information and/or funds from your Swyftx account.

How to stay safe:

Do not respond to or act on Instagram direct messages from a Swyftx employee or brand account. We will never direct message customers on social media or encourage customers to send their cryptocurrency to another wallet. We also legally cannot provide any type of trading advice and will never direct you to participate in any form of trading.

October 3, 2022

Email phishing scam

Swyftx customers are being targeted with fraudulent emails claiming to be from Swyftx.

How to spot this scam:

These emails look like a legitimate Swyftx email and may include one of the below messages:

  • You are eligible to receive a prize in Bitcoin
  • Your Withdrawals have been placed on hold
  • Mandatory Phone Number/Email verification is required

What happens if I fall victim to this scam?

Scammers will attempt to steal your personal information and/or funds in your Swyftx account.  

How to stay safe:

Check the email address that the email was sent from. Do not click any links or reply to the email. If you think you have received a fraudulent email, please follow these instructions to report it to our security team.

September 9, 2022

Investment scams

A rise in scams involving foreign exchanges or crypto trading platforms known as ‘pig butchering’.

Scammers convince victims to slowly move cryptocurrency away from legitimate exchanges into fraudulent trading platforms.

How to spot this scam:

Victims are contacted via instant message on social media or matched with on dating apps and slowly encouraged to move crypto away from legitimate exchanges into fraudulent trading platforms.

What happens if I fall victim to this scam?

After building trust, scammers will send small amounts of money they claim to be “returns” & convince the victim to invest more. When the victim attempts to withdraw funds, they are told they owe a tax or service fee. This is to extort more money from the victim at which point the scammer will disappear with the stolen funds.

How to stay safe:

Remain cautious of online investment opportunities & report any scams to us (including the URL and receiving cryptocurrency address) to our Customer Support team via live chat.

August 18, 2022

Facebook Phishing Scam – Fake Login Portal

A sophisticated Facebook scam directing users to log into a fake Swyftx login portal to claim a prize.

How to spot this scam:

Scammers will share a Facebook post featuring your profile picture and claim that you are the winner of a Bitcoin (BTC) giveaway/competition. You will be directed to login to a fake Swyftx portal to claim your prize. The phishing site will impersonate our official trading platform and attempt to steal any login information that is entered.

What happens if I fall victim to this scam?

Scammers will attempt to steal funds from your Swyftx account.

How to stay safe:

Always check for the blue verified badge next to the Facebook profile name & check the URL before providing any login details. These are not legitimate Swyftx communications. Do not click on any links or reply to sender.  

June 26, 2022

SMS phishing scam

A sophisticated Facebook scam directs users to log into a fake Swyftx login portal to claim a prize.

How to spot this scam:

This SMS alerts recipients that there has been a suspicious login attempt on their Swyftx account, or that withdrawals have been locked. You will then be prompted to call a Customer Service hotline to fix the issue.

What happens if I fall victim to this scam?

If the “Customer Service hotline” is called, someone claiming to be from the Swyftx fraud team will tell you that your account has been compromised. They will direct you to send your cryptocurrency to an external wallet.

How to stay safe:

Remain vigilant, this SMS is not a legitimate Swyftx communication. Swyftx does not have an inbound customer service line & we will never direct or encourage you to send funds anywhere.

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