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Trust & company account

Invest and trade through your entity.

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To create an account, follow the steps in our help articles, Set up a trust account and Set up a company account.

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Different accounts to suit your needs


Your everyday Swyftx account for investing personal funds in a range of digital asset options. You’ll need one of these to create your entity account.


Swyftx Company accounts provide an avenue for investing in cryptocurrency through your company (Pty Ltd) or corporate entity.


Swyftx’s Trust account allows users to gain exposure to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies by investing through their established trust.

Self managed super fund

Invest in cryptocurrency and digital assets through your Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) with Swyftx.

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Frequently asked questions

Still have more questions?

Do I need to create a personal account before applying for an entity account?

The entity application, for SMSF, trust and company accounts, will be performed from your personal Swyftx account. If you don’t currently have a personal Swyftx account, you will be required to sign up and complete the identity verification.
You will be given a sub-account for each entity account you set up. For instance, if you would like to invest through your SMSF, company and trust, your account structure would be as follows:

  • Account 1: Personal
  • Account 2: SMSF
  • Account 3: Company
  • Account 4: Trust

You will not need a separate login for each of these sub-accounts. Instead, you can login once and navigate between accounts by selecting them on the left-hand side of our app or website.

What documents do I need to submit?

The application process will differ depending on what entity account you apply for. You can find relevant information on what you’re required to submit via one of the following links:

Am I able to deposit entity funds into a personal account?

No, you cannot deposit entity funds into a personal account. This is against Swyftx’s Terms and Conditions.

What if I have already put entity funds into my personal account?

Please contact customer support immediately to inform us you have used entity funds in a personal account and DO NOT proceed with the entity application form. It is important that you do not combine your personal and entity funds in the same account.

One of our experienced account management representatives will be able to assist you in setting up your entity account correctly.

Is my money and information safe with Swyftx?

Yes, Swyftx has a market-leading security and compliance team committed to protecting users’ money and data. Our team has experience with building industry leading security frameworks privacy safeguards to prevent thefts of funds or information. Your personal or entity information is handled within the bounds of our privacy policy.

Swyftx is an AUSTRAC registered digital currency exchange provider which means we have strict KYC policies and transaction monitoring in place to prevent financial crimes and keep our customers’ assets safe.

What if there are multiple members of the entity?

Company and trust accounts can include multiple members. All members must have verified personal accounts and will need to accept an invitation via email to join the entity account. Once all members have joined, you can set different permissions for each member.

What is KYC2 verification?

Swyftx is required to conduct customer identification procedures for all customers and entities. To complete our KYC 2 verification process, you will need to provide information about the purpose of your account and the sources of the funds you intend to deposit to your account. If you have already completed KYC 2 verification on your Swyftx personal account, you may also be required to complete it on your entity account.