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Crypto OTC Trading Australia

High volume cryptocurrency and Bitcoin OTC service for SMSFs, high net worth individuals and large-scale traders.

Why Aussies choose us for their crypto OTC desk

Low fees & spreads

All-inclusive quotes for large volume orders. Say goodbye to price slippage and hello to competitive rates.

Fixed price trade execution

Providing certainty and peace of mind with a fixed and all-in Price. No need to calculate prices on the fly.

Industry expertise

More than just transactional, Swyftx offers a consultative client management approach. Strategic OTC trade execution and deep market insights by experienced Dealers.

Deep liquidity & asset range

Access deep liquidity with aggregation across a wide range of assets. New assets added regularly.

What is OTC trading?

What is the difference between OTC and exchange trading?

Trading on a registered cryptocurrency exchange is the most common and convenient way for individuals to invest in digital asset classes. However, substantial trades on an exchange can result in unfavourable price slippage due to insufficient liquidity. Over the counter (OTC) trading is specifically designed for large scale traders, high net worth individuals and corporate clients.

OTC crypto trading removes slippage risks, and the unknowns of market liquidity. Trade high volumes with certainty to maximise trader profits. If you are looking to place a large OTC Bitcoin, Ethereum or Altcoin order, our experts can assist you.

Who should use OTC?

Over the Counter or OTC trading provides a well-rounded solution to servicing high value accounts and institutional grade clients, whereby brokers directly handle and execute trades outside a public exchange.

Large volume trades on traditional exchanges can result in a negative price impact in which the order gets filled at. This is referred to as slippage, which is a common drawback from traditional exchange trades.

How to Trade OTC on Swyftx


Book a consult

Book a consult and one of our experienced OTC dealers will reach out to discuss your personalised trading needs.

Sign up

We’ll guide you through the seamless OTC onboarding process, supporting various account types like personal, SMSFs, trusts, and companies.

Trade OTC

Our experienced dealers will guide you through the process from quoting to trade settlement, ensuring a safe and secure transaction with zero unknowns.

Frequently asked questions

Still have more questions?

What are the limits for OTC trading with Swyftx?

At launch, orders of $50,000+ AUD in value may be eligible for our OTC feature. We may be able to process lower values ($25,000+ AUD) of less liquid/smaller market cap assets. If you think this may be a useful feature for you, feel free to reach out to ask us about it.

How do I register for OTC trading?

Simply book in a consult with one of our account executives via the form below to get started.

How are orders executed?

OTC customers can give direct instructions over the phone to our OTC dealers to execute orders. Order instructions may also be sent via email, however verbal confirmation over the phone will be required for trades to be executed.

When are your dealers available?

Our experienced dealers are available 9am – 5pm AEST via phone/email and after hours via livechat to execute OTC trades.

How Swyftx keeps you safe

Swyftx uses a multi-tiered approach for protecting crypto assets. Our trading platform and app utilises advanced security features to ensure that you can buy, sell and store cryptocurrency in a safe environment.

Looking to place a large over the counter order?

Swyftx is a proudly Australian-owned and operated cryptocurrency exchange based in Brisbane. Customers can trade 350+ cryptocurrencies through our intuitive platform. We offer trading services to high-net-worth individuals, SMSFs and institutional clients who need to fill orders that could potentially disrupt market prices.

If you are looking to place a large OTC cryptocurrency order over $50,000 AUD, our experts can assist with execution, settlement and ongoing support.