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Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin OTC trading Australia

High volume cryptocurrency and Bitcoin OTC service for SMSFs, high net worth individuals and large-scale traders.

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Use Australia's top-rated crypto OTC desk

Swyftx is an Australian owned and operated cryptocurrency exchange that allows users to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP and 280+ other digital assets. We offer OTC trading services to high net worth individuals, SMSFS and institutional clients who need to fill orders that could potentially disrupt market prices.

If you are looking to place a large OTC cryptocurrency overĀ $100,000, our industry-leading experts will assist with execution, settlement and ongoing support.


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Swyftx OTC features

Deep Global Liquidity

Swyftx has access to a network of global liquidity providers, meaning we can execute substantial OTC trades over $100,000 with minimal spreads.

Seamless UI

Our online platform features a sleek and simple interface which allows for easy navigation on both mobile and desktop applications.

Low Fees

Swyftx charges lower fees on Crypto and Bitcoin OTC trades than our closest Australian competitors.

Quick and Flexible Settlements

OTC desk trades are flexible and settled instantly. All assets can be immediately accessed after settlement.

Secure Account Management

Swyftx implements a number of protective measures to ensure the safety and security of our clients' funds.

Industry Leading Experts

Swyftx provides an end-to-end service to all its OTC clients. This includes an initial consultation, trade execution and ongoing support.

What is OTC?

Over the Counter or OTC trading is a service available to high volume traders, whereby brokers directly handle and execute trades outside a public exchange.

Large volume trades on traditional exchanges can result in a negative price impact in which the order gets filled at. This is referred to as slippage, which is a common drawback from traditional exchange trades.

OTC crypto trading is also associated with tighter spreads, meaning that high volume traders can save more money and maximise their profits.

If you are looking to place a large OTC Bitcoin or Ethereum order, our industry leading experts will assist with execution, settlement and ongoing support.

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OTC vs crypto exchange trading

Trading on a registered cryptocurrency exchange is the most common and convenient way for individuals to invest in digital asset classes. However, substantial trades on an exchange can result in unfavourable price slippage due to insufficient liquidity. Over the counter (OTC) trading markets are specifically designed for large scale traders, high net worth individuals and corporate clients. Instead of filling orders at one price, larger volume orders (over $100,000) can be split up over several smaller orders.

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Since being founded in 2017

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