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Heavy on features, low on fees

Prepare to experience a seamless journey investing across more than 350 digital assets.


Trading fees from

  • Tiered trading fees based on 30-day trading volume, ranging from 0.1% to 0.6%. Minimum spend and T&C’s apply.
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Deposit & withdrawal fees

  • *AUD Bank Transfer Deposits and Withdrawals: Free
  • Deposit Limit: $100k AUD, per day.
  • AUD Withdrawals: Free, unlimited when verified.
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Deposit & withdrawals charges

  • Only pay the network fee
  • *No additional Swyftx fees or charges apply
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Looking for OTC?

If you are looking to place a large OTC cryptocurrency order over $50,000 AUD, our OTC Trade Desk will assist with execution, settlement and ongoing support.

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Trade 350+ cryptocurrencies

Buy, sell, swap, track and analyse hundreds of cryptocurrencies on Australia’s most trusted crypto exchange.

The importance of spreads when placing trades.

Swyftx charges a spread in addition to the trading fee for each cryptocurrency transaction (buying, selling, or swapping). Both the spread and trading fee are included in the displayed price before confirming your trade. The spread consists of a base component and a market-dependent component.

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