What are spreads?

In addition to the Trading Fee, Swyftx applies a Spread to each cryptocurrency trade (this is the difference between the buy and the sell price). The Spread is calculated at the time of trade. This means that the Spread may be higher or lower than the below percentages at the time of trade.

It is important to understand that the Spread is separate from the Trading Fee, and both should be considered when trading. Swaps will incur a spread for each swapping asset. For more information in relation to our fees, see our Terms of Use.

The table below shows the Spreads for each asset. These figures are updated every hour. The below Spreads are based on an AUD trading pair, and may vary for other base currencies. The table below shows the Spreads for each asset we list on our platform.

For more information on Spreads, visit Swyftx Learn.

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