Swyftx Security

Swyftx uses industry leading security practices to protect our users accounts

Security is our No.1 priority

We are dedicated to safeguarding your crypto investments and your privacy. Our security team have over 50 years' experience in building robust security measures and protecting customer data. We take a comprehensive approach to protecting our users accounts to prevent theft of funds or information. Additionally, security is ingrained in our culture. Through education, and designing for security, all our staff know the importance of acting securely.

Swyftx uses a multi-tiered approach for protecting crypto assets. Our trading platform and app utilizes advanced security features to ensure that you can buy, sell and store cryptocurrency in a safe environment.

Why trust Swyftx?


Swyftx deploys class leading technologies and strategies to protect our customers funds and data including data encryption, Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), penetration testing, least privilege and breached password detection. Our Security Operations Centre constantly monitors and responds to attackers targeting our users and platform.


Our platform is designed for high performance, functionality and availability, built on industry leading technologies, allowing us to scale effectively and securely. We are constantly testing, evaluating, and measuring our platforms performance to identify areas of improvement.


We are committed to protecting the privacy of customers data. We have implemented industry leading privacy safeguards across our platform, products and technologies to prevent unauthorized access.


We've aligned our corporate security program, and security risk management practices with the ISO27001 framework of policies and controls. Our objective is to achieve ISO27001 accreditation in 2022.

Be cautious of Swyftx spam accounts on Facebook and people impersonating Swyftx staff. We will never message you directly on social media. If you see anything suspicious on social media, we ask that you report it immediately.

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