About Us

We built Swyftx for ourselves as much as we did our customers

We wanted to solve the many problems we faced as consumers, including a distinct lack of customer service, dated user interfaces, poor education practices and high fees.

Where We Started

Swyftx was built upon a foundation of friendship

Alex and Angus first bonded at a Summer Computer Science Camp held at the University of Sydney. Little did these highschoolers realise that within a matter of time, their fellow dorm room buddy would become a true friend and future business partner.

After quitting their jobs, investing their savings and rolling up their sleeves, Alex and Angus dedicated 12 months to slave away over their keyboards to build the best exchange they possibly could. In 2019, Swyftx launched, delivering better functionality, zero inflation, real spreads and simple low fees for all Australians to enjoy.

Our Vision

To be the only crypto platform you need for trading and investing.

Our vision is to be the only crypto platform you need for trading and investing. The crypto industry is young and full of tech people who we believe don’t fully understand the core of what traditional people want. Swyftx is bringing together all your exchanges, charts, portfolio monitoring, leverage, funding, fiat and risk management into one simple integrated end-to-end solution.

The Future

We want to help platforms provide better experiences to people.

Our team has a fundamental focus on both people and platform features. Australia is still in its infancy with cryptocurrencies, and as such, we are able to have an impact while it is not locked down by legislation. We have the opportunity to help define the future of cryptocurrencies, with how they are treated and utilised.

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