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What is Cardano?

Cardano is an open-source blockchain technology project built from first principles and a scientific research methodology where systems, concepts and protocols are peer-reviewed by the brightest minds in academia. Cardano is a smart contract platform built for the global financial system. Cardano’s smart contract platform will enable the safety and security which financial smart contracts desperately need for mass adoption. Cardano is also aiming to solve supply chain tracing issues and tracking unique items to make sure they are not fraudulent. Cardano’s native digital currency, ADA, has an ambitious goal of becoming a global financial system on the blockchain platform.

To achieve their open-source vision, Cardano (ADA) has 5 distinct ‘eras’ of updates. These are Byron, Shelley, Goguen, Basho, Voltaire. Each era of Cardano is named after famous people in history. For example, Cardano is named after Geralamo Cardano, a famous Italian polymath.

Cardano has a unique team of people working on it and founded by two of the founders of Ethereum, Charles Hoskinson and Jeremy Wood. The three companies handling the Cardano project are the Cardano Foundation, Input Output Hong Kong (IOHK) and Emurgo. IOHK is the main company responsible for the engineering and development of Cardano. Emurgo is a Japanese company responsible for developing business relationships to drive the use of Cardano. And the Cardano Foundation’s role is to drive the adoption of Cardano among everyday users.

Where can I buy ADA?

If you are looking to buy Cardano (ADA) in Australia, you will need to purchase it through a cryptocurrency broker/exchange that lists the token. Swyftx is a secure crypto exchange allows users to trade ADA with some of the lowest trading fees and spreads in Australia.

How do I buy Cardano ADA with Swyftx?

To buy ADA, log into your Swyftx trading account or create an account. To create an account, you’ll need to provide your name, email address and phone number. The next step is to verify your account. Account verification is typically completed in under 2 minutes and you won’t be required to submit any documents.

You can deposit funds into your account via bank transfer, PayID, POLi Pay or debit/credit card. Once your funds have been successfully deposited, you can start trading Cardano immediately. Simply enter the amount of ADA you want to buy. If you’re happy with the price, tap the ‘Buy ADA’ button to complete your Cardano purchase. Alternatively, if you would like to sell Cardano, you can do so by clicking the sell tab.

If you are looking to buy other digital currencies, Swyftx lists over 260 crypto assets. You can use fiat currency or other cryptocurrency coins/tokens as the payment method to buy Cardano at the market price.

Why Buy ADA with Swyftx?

There are many benefits to using the Swyftx crypto trading platform to buy Cardano ADA in Australia. Swyftx is an Australian owned and operated exchange and offers customer support, meaning that if you need assistance, you can talk to a real person, rather than be stuck with chatbots and scrolling through online forums.

Our exchange has extremely low fees (0.6% fee per trade) and spreads making it one of the most affordable exchanges in Australia to buy, sell and trade Cardano. On top of our low fees and customer support, Swyftx has a number of handy features to improve your trading experience. Features include:

  • Demo mode: Learn to trade without committing yourself financially. Demo mode gives you mock currency to buy and sell digital currencies allowing you to get a better understanding of the markets.
  • Price alerts: You can monitor price movements on Cardano and other cryptocurrencies with price alerts. You can set up an alert when the price of Cardano reaches your desired price point, allowing you to buy ADA for a bargain.
  • Coinswap: Swap allows you to exchange one cryptocurrency for another. This saves you the hassle of buying Cardano with fiat currency.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you determine the price of ADA?

You may have noticed that prices for Cardano and other digital assets are slightly different between exchanges. This is typically because liquidity between exchanges is sourced from different points. The price of Cardano listed on the Swyftx exchange is reflective of real-world trading volumes.

Can I buy Cardano with credit card?

Swyftx allows you to deposit AUD into your account via debit or credit card. Once funds have cleared, you can buy Cardano (ADA) instantly. Swyftx also supports several other payment methods including bank transfer, POLi and PayID.

Does Cardano use Proof of Stake system?

Unlike Bitcoin, which uses a Proof of Work (PoW) protocol, Cardano is a Proof of Stake (PoS) blockchain platform. This means it uses a lot less energy than Bitcoin, which has been a problem for Bitcoin in the past. PoS was introduced to solve the perceived energy consumption issues of PoW.

Is Swytx a secure exchange?

Yes, Swyftx treats account security as a top priority. We understand the importance of protecting our customer’s money and data, that’s why we have implemented an extensive security framework with a number of advanced security features to protect your account from bad actors. This includes KYC verification, biometric and 2FA authentication, breach password detection, third-party security audits, external penetration testing and much more.

Why use Swyftx to Buy Cardano?

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Debbie Hinga
Have been using a few months. No issues at all so far. Easy to deposit and to withdraw, easy to buy. Demo mode is rad. Customer service team is exceptional I must say, especially the Live chat, compared to other platforms I've us...
They deliver an excellent user experience with fast delivery and fantastic customer service.
michael skylass
After searching Swyftx on youtube and seeing how simple it was to use and doing a general search for other aussie exchanges and finding it had the lowest fees and decided it was the crypo exchange for me.
Great app super easy to use and the help chat center is very quick to reply and helpful
Swyftx is easy to use, and the help chat fast and direct
Swyftx has been simple to use along with having brilliant customer service fixing any issues and answering questions quickly.
The staff are nice and helpful. They got back to me really quickly. The platform is beginner-friendly and it is secure.
The Jurs Adventures
Only been using Swyftx App and website for a short period, however over that time the staff have been very helpful with each dealing i have had with them. I highly recommend Swyftx for beginners and the experienced as its simple a...
Great exchange. I really like the GUI, it is clean and simple to understand
I’m only new to crypto but I find this app is super helpful and the customer service is always great it takes no time at all to get a response for help or anything else I need


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