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What is Ethereum?

Ethereum is an open-source, decentralised blockchain platform and ecosystem. Created by Vitalik Buterin in 2013, Ethereum is responsible for a number of innovations to blockchain technology, including the introduction of smart contracts. Smart contracts are digital contracts that are executed across the Ethereum network, functioning similar to how standard contracts work, but instead of needing an intermediary to oversee the execution of the contract, a smart contract executes digitally once a series of pre-set conditions have been met. UK residents can buy Ethereum on the Swyftx trading platform.

Another innovation introduced by Ethereum is the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), a decentralised computer that allows for Decentralised Applications (dApps) to be run using it. In addition, Ethereum allows users to create their own cryptocurrency using the Ethereum blockchain, and as a result, many popular cryptocurrencies utilise the Ethereum blockchain for their own projects. ETH of Ether is the native cryptocurrency of the Ethereum blockchain, the most widely used blockchain, and is the second most valuable cryptocurrency by market capitalisation. You can buy Ethereum ETH in the UK via Swyftx.

How to buy Ethereum in the UK?

You can buy Ethereum (ETH) in the UK using a registered cryptocurrency exchange that supports Ethereum such as Swyftx. Operating in the UK, Swyftx allows people within the United Kingdom to sell, trade and buy Ethereum using secure accounts with low trading fees and small spreads. To buy Ethereum, first, you will need to create an account by filling out a few simple details such as your name, email address and phone number. Once you have registered your account, you can verify your details and identity with our instant verification process that takes under three minutes. After you have been verified, you are free to deposit GBP and then buy Ethereum. If you are waiting for a specific price to buy Ethereum, you don’t have to buy Ethereum straight after depositing funds into the account. You can deposit GBP and wait for the perfect time to buy ETH, or play around with a demo mode to learn the market and learn to trade using real market data. You can buy ETH with Swyftx on our mobile application from your phone or on your desktop.

Why Buy ETH with Swyftx

Swyftx is a feature-rich platform with many benefits that suit both new and seasoned traders. With a full functioning demo mode, you can mock trade on the platform and learn how to trade without having to deposit any money into the account. When you’re ready to trade, sell and buy Ethereum or any other cryptocurrencies, Swyftx has automatic, price triggered buy and sell orders which means you can set orders to automatically buy or sell your assets when it hits a certain price. This adds a ‘safety net’ to your trading and minimises losses while maximising your gains. In addition to this, Swyftx offers customer support meaning that there are real people ready and waiting to help with any of your enquiries.

After I buy Ethereum, what are the uses for it?

Store/hold Ethereum

A popular option amongst users is to buy and hold ETH with the expectation that it will increase in value. You can store your Ethereum safely in your Swyftx wallet. You can also withdraw your ETH and transfer it to an external wallet.

Send Ethereum

You can send Etheruem all around the world on the Swyftx app. Simply buy Ethereum and send it to your chosen Ethereum address.

Spend Ethereum

Yes, you may be able to buy goods and services with Ethereum (ETH) in the UK. There are more and more retailers and vendors who accept Ethereum as currency every day.

Sell Ethereum

When you believe it’s a good time to sell your ETH, you can do so easily on the Swyftx app. When you’re logged into your account, select how much Ethereum you wish to sell and click ‘Sell ETH.’

Frequently Asked Questions

After I buy Ethereum, how do I store it?

When you buy Ethereum on the Swyftx exchange, it will be safely stored in the digital wallet integrated into your account. A crypto wallet is necessary for sending, receiving and storing your cryptocurrencies. Alternatively, The swyftx platform also allows you to withdraw your cryptocurrencies and transfer it to an external hardware wallet to be stored.

What payment method can I use to buy Ethereum?

Swyftx supports deposits made by a variety of different payment methods. You can deposit GBP into your account via bank transfer, PayID, POLi and credit/debit card.

Is it easy to buy ETH?

These days, it is easy to buy ETH online. There are several UK exchanges that allow its users to buy Ethereum. Swyftx is a UK cryptocurrency exchange that allows its users to buy Ethereum, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. We offer low spreads and fees. To buy ETH, create a free trading account and complete your ID verification. Once that is set up, you’ll be required to deposit GBP into your account. When the funds have landed in your account, you can buy Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies very easily.

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Lowest Fees

When you sell, trade or buy Ethereum using Swyftx, you trade with some of the lowest fees and smallest spreads on the market.

Instant Verification

Swyftx Cryptocurrency Exchange allows you to verify your identity online instantly without the need to upload any documents.

Secure Accounts

When you buy ETH with Swyftx, the combination of Two-Factor Authentication and breached password detection helps protect your account and keeps your funds safe from scammers.

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Sam Wang
Very good place to buy and sell your Btc. Very good app with helpful staff.
Asad Mumtaz
Being a newbie in the crypto world, I was looking for an Australian-based, intuitive, and user-friendly exchange to dip my toes in the crypto space. Swyftx was recommended by a friend and it has not disappointed me so far. Excelle...
Ash Jansen
Customer service is great. They answer any questions in minutes. A+ for service. And I personally love the user interface. Slick, user-friendly. What more could you want?
geoff Jakeman
The application process to set up my account was very clear and the Swiftx team were very quick to reply.
Steven Shi
great customer service, fast transaction and easy cash-out.
ajintha pathmanathan
Efficient and fast customer service. It took a while for me to get used to the platform but the Swyftx team offer great customer support via chat and email. When you invest in a dynamic industry like with digital assets this is ex...
Luke Williams
Was nervous about depositing BTC initially and have since done multiple cash and cryptocurrency trades. Honest, helpful people to chat to online if you have a problem using their service (always user error) will continue using the...
So far, so far. Nice UI and easy to trade.
I am new to crypto and so far I am enjoying using the Swyftx app. Aside from its reasonable trading fee, the agents are approachable and with great help, and are so friendly (though not all ✌️)
Easy to use and set up, and they have joining bonuses! The interface is quite user friendly and easy to understand. I think the fees are slightly higher than other competitors.


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