You can trade 310+ cryptocurrencies on the New Zealand Crypto Exchange; Swyftx

All the features you need for succeeding with crypto.

NZD Deposit and Withdrawals

Deposit and withdraw NZD from your Swyftx trading account via Debit Card.

Live Chat and Phone Support

Swyftx offers online and local customer support.

Portfolio Tracking

You can view your profit/loss percentage for all your holdings via the navigational bar on your account.

Demo Mode

Learn how to trade cryptocurrencies and gain market experience using our free and one of a kind demo mode which simulates real life liquidity and market depth.


Be rewarded with crypto and other special offers by actioning certain tasks within the Swyftx platform.

660,000+ Users

Signed up to the platform

320+ Assets

With low trade fees

ISO 27001 Certified

For information security

Why choose Swyftx?

Advanced 2FA & Password Security

Add extra security to your account by using biometric login security and using two-factor authentication. Swyftx New Zealand also closely monitors other websites for breaches to ensure no accounts are compromised.

Simple Individual Transaction Reporting

Using Swyftx, you can quickly and easily download tax reports, covering custom periods of time, in New Zealand dollars for quick, easy and efficient accounting.

Price Alerts

Set up and receive notifications when the assets you care about hit a certain price point.

$1 Minimum Orders

Dip your toes into the crypto market by spending as little as $1 on orders.


Exchange any cryptocurrency you hold for another cryptocurrency we list.

Fast Biometric Login

Accurate & passwordless login capabilities to check balances and place orders quickly.

Are you a pro trader?

If you are a pro trader, we have features such as Advanced Charting, Stop & on trigger Orders and an easy to implement API.

Real Time Price Feed & API

The prices of your favourite digital currencies are all updated in real time on Swyftx, instantly updating to reflect the current market and your order size. In addition to this, it is easy to integrate with Swyftx and automate your trade strategy and place orders using our JSON REST API.

Integrated Trading View Charts

Use our trade view to chart up and monitor your favourite digital assets. For more accurate price data, view buy and sell prices separately.

Stop, on trigger & Market Orders

Never miss out on ideal trade opportunities. With Swyftx you can create triggers to automatically buy and sell assets when it hits a set, desired price.

Combined Order Books

Swyftx automatically optimises your orders between exchanges and order books to help deliver the best prices and liquidity. Quickly and simply trade with billions of liquidity in one place.

Want to trade on the go?

Download the app

Download our App and buy, sell and trade Crypto anywhere at any time.

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