About Us

We built Swyftx from the ground up, creating a user-friendly platform.

As crypto investors ourselves, we wanted to build a platform that addressed the issues we faced trading with other platforms which included sky rocketing fees, no or poor customer service, a lack of education practices and outdated user interfaces.

Where We Started

From dorm room buddies to co-founders

Our co-founders Alex and Angus first met at a computer science camp at the University of Sydney when they were high schoolers. Little did they know at the time that they were to become, not only true friends, but business partners.

Alex and Angus quit their jobs, accumulated their savings and spent twelve long months typing away at their keywords creating the best trading platform that they could; one that delivered low fees and spreads, a unique demo mode that allows users to ‘practise’ trading, outstanding customer support and better functionality. After a year of hard work and dedication, in 2019, Swyftx was born.

Our Vision

Become the best platform for Crypto trading.

Our vision at Swyftx is to become the industry leader when it comes to cryptocurrency trading; to be the all in one platform that contains everything you need to succeed in the world of Crypto. The industry is a young one filled with tech people, who although are brilliant minded and innovative, don’t necessarily always understand the needs of more traditional people. Swyftx solves this by bringing all the best elements into one end-to-end platform.

The Future

Provide better experience and more features to people.

Our team’s ongoing core focus is on streamlining the platform’s features to provide a better and better experience for our users. When it comes to the world of Crypto, New Zealand is still quite young which gives us an opportunity to have a real impact in the industry while not being dictated by legislation and really help define the future of trading in New Zealand.

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