Swyftx will today (21 December 2022) begin distributing LUNA to applicable holders in line with the original airdrop schedule and commitment that was made to customers in June 2022.

Following the depegging of UST and the subsequent collapse of LUNA, Terra launched LUNA 2.0 – a new coin that was to be airdropped to original holders of LUNA (now LUNC) and UST (now USTC).  

The original airdrop plan and schedule can be found here.  

In line with the Terra LUNA schedule, the foundation honoured the original upfront 30% LUNA airdrop allocation in May 2022. Swyftx customers who held LUNC or UST at the relevant timestamps are now eligible to receive the remaining 70% of the allocation across a 24-month allocation period, with the final allocation being distributed in November 2024. 

Each monthly allocation will be approximately 2.92% of the total distribution entitlement (70% / 24). This means that eligible customers can expect to receive ~2.92% of their total distribution entitlement each month, starting from the first allocation in December 2022. 

We encourage all eligible customers to stay up to date with the airdrop schedule and to check whether they were holding LUNC or UST at the relevant timestamps to receive their respective allocation. 

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our live chat support team.  

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