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We’re thrilled to announce that Swyftx & Superhero are merging to become Australia’s first digital assets and traditional finance powerhouse. This historic merge is the first big step in our mission to create a one-stop financial ecosystem for our customers. 

Swyftx Co-Founder Alex Harper said “The proposed merger represents a significant step for both businesses in terms of their evolution from disruptive tech players into a single, major financial institution that can grow across domestic and international markets.” 

Swyftx Co-founders Alex Harper and Angus Goldman with John Winters and Wayne Baskin of Superhero.

Who is Superhero? 

Superhero is an Aussie owned and operated platform offering customers access to share trading and a super fund. Here, you can access more than 2,500 ASX listed companies and ETFs with $5 brokerage plus over 4,500 US stocks and ETFs with $0 brokerage. 

Why are Swyftx & Superhero joining forces? 

Swyftx & Superhero have a shared vision to provide accessible financial opportunities. Together, we want to empower everyone to easily invest, grow and manage their wealth. 

Once complete, this merger will give our customers access to: 

  • One login across both platforms. 
  • One customer support team. 
  • One platform that tracks and manages crypto, equities and superannuation. 

What does this mean for Swyftx customers? 

For now, Swyftx and Superhero will continue to operate as separate platforms, but we’re working hard behind the scenes to integrate our services into one single platform. Current customers can be assured that they can still access their Swyftx account and trade as usual, their assets will not be impacted and our friendly 24/7 Swyftx customer support team will continue to be available. 

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