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What is Ethereum?

Ethereum is an open-source blockchain network that is used by developers for the purpose of creating and supporting a variety of decentralised applications (Dapps). As a peer-to-peer network, it removes the need of using intermediary authorities and companies by giving users a method of transferring funds and making agreements with another person directly. ETH or Ether is the native currency of the Ethereum blockchain network. People typically refer to ETH or Ether as Ethereum.

Using Swyftx, you can buy Ethereum in Canada on a platform that is secure and has low trading fees and small spreads. As a feature-rich platform, there are many benefits to using Swyftx to buy Ethereum (ETH) such as the ability to set up recurring orders, set buy and sell automatic triggers and use our demo mode and practice trading in real-time.

How does Ethereum work?

Ethereum was originally launched in 2015 as an open-source blockchain network designed for developers to build and run decentralised applications or ‘Dapps.’ Its primary feature, though is that it allows developers to create and operate smart contracts, which are computer programs that self execute the necessary actions required to fulfil an agreement between two or several parties. These smart contracts are executed by the EVM which refers to the Ethereum Virtual Machine. The EVM is run by a global network of nodes. The Ethereum blockchain can be used to run smart contracts and decentralised applications across a variety of industries.

How to Buy Ethereum in Canada?

To Buy ETH in Canada, you will need to set up a trading account with a registered Cryptocurrency or Exchange platform that supports the buying and selling of Ethereum, like Swyftx. With our fast sign up and verification process, setting up a trading account to buy ETH Ethereum is quick and easy; only taking a few minutes in total. Once you have verified your ID and deposited your desired amount of CAD via bank transfer, PayID, POLi or credit/debit card, you can use it to buy Ethereum and over 250+ other cryptocurrencies with the Canadian trading platform.

Why use Swyftx To Buy Ethereum?

When you buy Ethereum from Swyftx, you will enjoy our trading platform that is rich in features. These features include having the ability to set recurring ‘buy Ethereum’ orders, set automatic buy and sell orders, customise your dashboard, and access our live chat and customer support. On top of this, your trading account is protected by bio-metric login, breached password detection and two-factor authentication, so you can sell and buy Ethereum ETH in Canada with peace of mind. You can buy Ethereum on your desktop or on the go via our mobile application. To create a Swyftx account and buy ETH in Canada, register for a trading account.

The history of Ethereum in Canada

Canada is a leading cryptocurrency nation and is considered to be Ethereum-friendly. Businesses and buyers can take part in Ethereum-related activities where ETH is accepted as currency. In addition to this, automatic teller machines (ATMs) are scattered across major cities allowing people to exchange their Ethereum assets for cash and vice versa. The Canadian government also appears to be in favour of Ethereum and it has been pushing to allow Canadian residents to pay property taxes with Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies. You can buy Ethereum (ETH) on the Swyftx crypto exchange.

What can I use Ethereum for?

Many users who buy ETH do so with the expectation that the asset will increase in value, and then they can sell it for a profit. However, there are many other use cases of Ethereum. ETH functions as a currency for the Ethereum blockchain and is used for the execution of decentralised smart contracts. Owners of ETH, can execute smart contracts and create and operate decentralised applications. Additionally, Ethereum can also be spent on goods and services now that more vendors and retailers are beginning to accept the digital currency.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy Ethereum with credit card?

The Swyftx trading platform supports deposits made by debit and credit card. This can then be used to buy ETH and other cryptocurrencies. To buy Ethereum with a debit/credit card, you’ll need to first create a free account and verify your ID. Next, you’ll need to navigate to the deposit CAD page, where you’ll have the option to deposit funds via one of the following payments methods; bank transfer, PayID, POLi or debit/credit card. Select the credit card option and select how much you wish to deposit. debit and credit cards deposits are usually received within a minute. You can use these funds to buy Ethereum once they have successfully arrived in your Swyftx trading account.

Can I buy Ethereum with bitcoin or vice versa?

On the Swyftx trading platform, you can sell your Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to buy Ethereum. So, if you own Bitcoin or another digital asset but you’d like to buy ETH, you can sell that asset in exchange for CAD. When the funds are in your account, they can then be used to buy ETH.

Where can I store my Ethereum?

A crypto wallet is the safest place to store your Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies. This is a necessary mechanism required for sending, receiving and holding your cryptocurrencies. At Swyftx, we’ve provided wallets for all of the crypto assets listed on our platform. When you buy Ethereum, the assets will be immediately and automatically stored in the wallet integrated with your account. Alternatively, if you’d like to withdraw your ETH and transfer it to an external hardware wallet, you are able to do so. Other types of Ethereum wallets where you could potentially store your ETH include:

  • mobile wallets
  • web wallets
  • hardware wallets
  • desktop wallets

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Mick Morris
I received a security support call the first time, I tried to move assets to another wallet. As a new user this was reassuring that they actually have good security systems.
My inquiry was responded to quickly, & Swyftx’s service was both professional & friendly. I also received follow up emails/messages to check that everything was ok - outstanding customer service. I have found Swyftx to be modern...
Vamsi Chowdary
Very good customer support for changing mobile number
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Swyftx was easy to set up, with clear instructions and a nice layout. It's easy and fast to use. What I have been most impressed with is their customer service. Fast, helpful and personal. An actual person responding, not being re...
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The staff in chat are very polite and helpful. Seems to be a pretty easy platform to navigate around in. Lots of help info and they seem very thorough.
Used the in app chat for a question and received a prompt reply within the app and an email. Also deposited funds are available within 5 minutes and withdrawals to my bank account have been instant (after the first withdrawal wh...
Joel dCB
I’m really impressed with the quick, personable customer service I receive from the gang at Swyftx. Also, Swyftx has a great app which is super easy to navigate. Finally, I have found that withdrawals of AUD arrive back in my ba...
Tom Dawson
The support team over at Swyftx were efficient and friendly when I needed a hand adding a referral to my account for the 2nd time. Thanks!
Ray Hinde
Great service. I had an issue with a withdrawal not going through. When I contacted swyftx to query it they began fixing it right away and it went through soon after. Gold.
James Lock
I set up an SMSF with Swyftx which requires a few steps outside of their usual sign up process. I've also added additional accounts which needed 'custom' KYC verification, and every time they were more than willing to work with me...


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