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Swyftx Will Update the Ticker of NANO to XNO

Swyftx will be updating the ticker of NANO to XNO. Nano has chosen to make the change in order to meet the International Organisation for Standardisations requirements. The details of this change are shown in the timeline below.  

At 12:00 PM (AEST) 24/01/2022, Swyftx will suspend NANO deposits and withdrawals. Please allow sufficient time for your NANO deposits to be fully processed prior to this time. 

At 2:00 PM (AEST) 24/01/2022, Swyftx will stop trading of NANO on all platforms, NANO will then be delisted from the exchange. We will then take an immediate snapshot of all NANO balances and begin the distribution of XNO to all eligible users at a ratio of 1 NANO = 1 XNO. 

At 4:00 PM (AEST) 28/01/2022, Swyftx will open trading for the new XNO token. 

If you would like to know more about this ticker change, please refer to the Nano website.  

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