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Swyftx Supports Flare (FLR) Distribution  

Distribution Update 17 March

The Flare Network announced via Twitter that their incentive pool proposal had been accepted in a majority vote.

The accepted proposal outlines that further distributions of Flare will be provided to holders of Flare that wrap and delegate their Flare tokens. Due to this, Swyftx is unable to support any further distributions of FLR tokens.

If you wish to receive future distributions of FLR, you will need to move your tokens to a platform that supports the wrapping and delegation of FLR tokens.

Initial Airdrop 12 January

Swyftx has completed the initial Flare (FLR) airdrop distribution to all eligible XRP holders who held XRP at the time of the snapshot.  


The snapshot was taken at the first validated XRP ledger index number with a timestamp 10am on the 12th of December 2020 (AEST). The amount of airdropped FLR for each Swyftx customer holding XRP at the snapshot time was calculated via the following ratio: 

  • 1 XRP = 0.1511 FLR 

This ratio is reflective of the initial allocation decided by the Flare team, who are currently planning to provide additional airdrops every month for the next 36 months.  

Please note, although tokens have been distributed, FLR is not currently available as a tradeable asset. This means you can’t buy or sell FLR on Swyftx. You can, however, withdraw your tokens from our platform if you wish. 

For more information, refer to Flare’s FAQs and exchange support update

If you have any further questions about this airdrop, please reach out to one of our friendly support team members via live chat. 

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