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Introducing Tiered Trading Fees  

We’re excited to announce the launch of tiered trading fees, a new system where trading fees gradually reduce from 0.6% to as low as 0.1% as trade volume increases. 

What has changed?  

Previously, we had a flat trading fee of 0.6% for trades. We’ve listened to your feedback, and, with our new trading fee tiers your rate will depend on the amount of your trade volume. 

We calculate your trading fee tier based on your trade volume (in Australian dollars) over the previous 30 days.  

This new structure applies to all order types (market orders, trigger orders and swaps).  

What are the tiered trading fee levels?  

The following table shows our fee tiers based on trade volume over a 30-day period.  

You can check your current trading fee and tier anytime via your account Profile on Swyftx.  

For a full step-by-step process for checking your trading fee and tier and more details on how it works, visit our support guide.

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