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Introducing Koinly Integrated Crypto Tax Reports  

We are thrilled to introduce our latest feature, Koinly Integrated Crypto Tax Reports. This solution aims to simplify tax time by seamlessly allowing Swyftx users to access a FREE crypto tax report for Financial Year 2022-2023 from Koinly via their Swyftx accounts with Single Sign On (SSO). This feature is currently only available on the Swyftx web platform.  

Who is Eligible?  

To be eligible for a FREE crypto tax report from Koinly you must:  

  • Be a registered Swyftx customer; and 
  • Have only transacted on Swyftx and have less than 500 transactions in the FY 22-23 

If you have 500+ transactions or want to add other wallets or integrations – you will not be eligible for a Free tax report but you will get 20% off!

How Does It Work? 

Curious about how to access this powerful new feature? You can connect to Koinly via the transaction report page within your profile. Once you have generated an API key, you will be taken to Koinly’s platform to generate your crypto tax report.  

By connecting your Swyftx account to Koinly using the automatically generated read-only API key, you gain access to Koinly’s comprehensive tax reporting platform. From here, you can import your Swyftx transaction report and generate profit and loss statements for the financial year or any specific date range you choose. 

Remember, this will only cover any trades on Swyftx, you may need to add other details (such as other wallets or exchanges) on your Koinly account to see your complete tax report.   

For detailed steps on how to generate your tax report, visit our support centre.  

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