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Introducing Asset Categories  

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our latest feature Asset Categories, giving users new opportunities to discover assets and understand trends. With Asset Categories, you can now delve deeper into the diverse crypto ecosystem, gaining valuable insights on what gives different assets value.

What is Asset Categories?  

Asset Categories changes the way you explore and understand cryptocurrencies by grouping them into distinct categories. These categories encompass a wide range of assets, including Layer 1 protocols, Layer 2 solutions, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), gaming tokens, and more. By organising crypto assets into these groups, we aim to empower you with the ability to navigate the crypto landscape with ease and efficiency. 

How they can be used? 

Asset Categories opens up new possibilities. Here’s how you can leverage this powerful feature: 

  • Gain in-depth knowledge: Many of the categories provide educational content that sheds light on its unique characteristics, technological foundations, and the potential real-world applications. Whether you’re an enthusiast, investor, or simply curious to learn more, this feature enables you to grasp the intricacies of various crypto categories and expand your understanding. 
  • Track top movers: Stay updated on the latest trends and market movements within each category. Asset Categories showcases the top-performing assets within their respective groups, allowing you to view a category’s performance in one place.  
  • Discover news and updates: Dive into a wealth of curated news articles and updates specifically tailored to each category. From insightful analysis to breaking developments, Asset Categories keeps you informed about the latest happenings within the crypto categories that interest you most, helping you stay ahead of the curve.  

How to access Asset Categories? 

To access asset categories on the Swyftx platform, simply navigate to the asset list page. There, you will find a comprehensive list of all the available categories. This list provides valuable insights into the market performance of the assets within each category, allowing you to identify the top-performing and underperforming categories. 

Once you click on a specific category, you will be presented with a detailed view of the assets that belong to that category. Additionally, you can easily identify the top movers within that category, enabling you to stay informed about the assets that are experiencing significant changes. Additionally, on this page, you have the option to purchase a bundle of curated assets specifically from the category you have selected. 

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