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Introducing ‘Quick Buy’ For Simplified Trading 

We’re thrilled to announce Quick Buy, a feature that simplifies buying and selling crypto on Swyftx. Users can access Quick Buy via the dashboard and start trading their favourite assets in 4 simple steps.  

What has changed? 

The way that you place quick buy and sell orders on Swyftx has improved. Here’s what’s different:  

  • New navigation: Introducing “Quick Buy” in the navigation for easy access.  
  • Simplified process: Quick Buy takes you directly to the page where you can specify the amount of crypto you want to purchase in AUD. 
  • New labels: ‘Receive Crypto’ is now ‘Deposit,’ applicable to all assets, including FIAT and crypto. 

How to Use Quick Buy 

Embrace the simplicity of Quick Buy with these easy steps: 

  1. Select Quick Buy from the right-side menu or select Quick Buy from the top right corner of an individual asset page. 
  2. Type in the amount of AUD you want to spend or select from the default options. 
  3. Confirm what asset you would like to buy, then select Review Order. 
  4. Review the details of your order, including the amount, asset, and fee, then select Buy Now. 
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