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Ellipsis (EPS) Redenomination and Ticker Change to EPX 

Swyftx will be supporting the token migrations, redenomination and ticker change of cryptocurrency Ellipsis (EPS) to EPX. For further information about this change please see below: 

  • At 10am (AEST) 09/05/2022, Swyftx will delist EPS from the trading platform and suspend all deposits and withdrawals of EPS. Pease ensure all EPS deposits have been fully processed before the asset is delisted. 
  • Once Ellipsis (EPS) is delisted, Swyftx will begin to distribute EPS to all eligible users with ratio of 1 EPS = 88 EPX.  

  • Trading for EPX on Swyftx will open on at 3:30pm, 24/05/2022 once the token migration, redenomination and ticker change is complete.

If you would like to learn more about the redenomination and other changes to the asset, please refer to the following articles: 

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