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Asset Delisting: TrueUSD (TUSD) & Pax Dollar (USDP) 

On 29 September 2022 at 11am AEST, we will be delisting TrueUSD (TUSD) & Pax Dollar (USDP) across our platform. This means that after 29 September 2022, it will no longer be possible to deposit, withdraw or trade TUSD or USDP with Swyftx.  

Hold TUSD or USDP in your Swyftx account? Here’s what you need to do:  

Be sure to sell, swap or withdraw this asset from your account before 11am AEST on 29 September 2022. After this date, withdrawal and trade activity for TUSD or USDP will no longer be possible on the Swyftx platform. 

Have questions?  

Our friendly 24/7 Customer Support team are available to assist you on live chat right now.

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