Although cryptocurrency is frequently referred to as “the future of money,” that doesn’t mean you can pay for your groceries in Bitcoin (not yet anyways).

There are, however, an increasing number of businesses that accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a payment method in New Zealand. Not only are numerous online retailers offering it, but the number of physical stores that take crypto in New Zealand is on the rise.

We’ve compiled a list of businesses that accept BTC and other digital currencies as payment below.

Keep in mind, this list is not conclusive and is also constantly expanding. If you’re a business based in NZ that accepts Bitcoin or other forms of cryptocurrency, please reach out to us.

Why would a business want to accept Crypto?

There are several reasons for a company to take Bitcoin or cryptocurrency.

  • Transaction fees are often lower than their credit card counterparts.
  • When it comes to transferring funds, blockchain payments can quicker than money transferred through conventional banking systems.
  • Bitcoin and crypto also offers irreversible payments which lowers fraud risk. Fraudulent individuals are one of the biggest concerns for many company owners, but this is almost impossible with digital currency payments.

The Bitcoin network is entirely decentralized which eliminates the need for costly international transactions. This is particularly advantageous when making purchases with businesses that don’t accept your local currency.

How do crypto payments work for businesses?

Setting up a cryptocurrency or bitcoin wallet, like you would with personal cryptocurrency, is required to accept crypto payments.

A company may simply provide the customer with their digital wallet address and ask that the customer send them Bitcoin or crypto manually. This process, however, is clunky, slow and often results in a poor user experience for the customer. Additionally, as the cryptocurrency market is volatile, the NZD value of Bitcoin could dramatically increase or decrease, meaning the sum paid for the product or service is no longer accurate by the time the funds have been transferred.

To resolve this issue, several services have emerged that allow businesses to take cryptocurrency and Bitcoin transactions by using an alternative payment system. Some crypto companies even provide their own crypto debit card, allowing customers to spend cryptocurrencies for goods and services by tapping a card.

With the how and why out of the way, you may be wondering where exactly you can spend your digital assets in NZ. Below, we’ve provided a list of businesses and stores who accept Bitcoin in NZ.

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There are 28 major regions of New Zealand. For purposes of this index we will focus on the following major regions – on the North Island: Auckland, Bay of Plenty, Waikato, Taupo, Wellington, and on the South Island: Nelson, Christchurch, Queenstown, and Dunedin. Apologies to any New Zealanders we may have offended by omitting your region.

Online retailers that accept Bitcoin and Crypto  

Many large/global retailers now accept Bitcoin as payment; for instance:

  • Microsoft
  • Overstock
  • PayPal
  • Twitch
  • Tesla (Accept Dogecoin for merchandise)

For the sake of this guide, we’ll focus on select NZ based retailers.

Businesses that Accept Crypto New Zealand-wide

Bookabach is an Expedia holiday accommodation booking site. Lots of fabulous locations you can stay at – and pay for with Crypto – in NZ.

Coin Compass is all about learning to buy and sell Crypto currencies. This is what they say: “Learn how to safely buy and securely store your bitcoin regardless of your understanding, size of investment or level of technical ability.”

Electrolux NZ offers stores across NZ and also online shopping where you can use crypto to buy electrical appliances.

Mag and Turbo Tyre and Service centre has 18 stores across NZ. On Facebook they state they are New Zealand’s first automotive business to accept crypto for for products and services.

Party Dudes is a New Zealand-based costume shop accepting Bitcoin for all costume purchases.

Hyperion Wines allegedly accepts bitcoin of its wines.

Which businesses accept crypto in the North Island of New Zealand?

Auckland businesses

3D-Hub provides mechanical industry & product design services. They are a cutting edge design company that employs – as per their business name – 3D technologies.

Aurum is a bespoke jewellery manufacturer based in Ponsonby, Auckland.

Oyster and Chop offers fine dining in Auckland.

Mangawhai Osteopathy offers structural, cranial & biodynamic osteopathy.

Bay of Plenty Businesses

Waihi Beach Surf School offers learn to surf classes on beautiful Waihi Beach.

Waikato Businesses

Chris Meek is an art gallery located in Raglan (a seaside town) in the Waikato region.

Taupo Businesses

Crafty Trout Brewery is a craft brewery and eatery found in the main street of Taupo.

Dixie Browns is an eatery found in both Taupo and at Mount Maunganui, also on the North island. You can order online.

Wellington Businesses  

Mane Salon is a hair and beauty business found in Wellington.

Based in Wellington-Lower Hutt, Metal & Membrane Roofing NZ is a supplier & installer of Colorsteel Long-run & waterproofing membranes roofing products.

Where Crypto is Accepted in the South Island of New Zealand: 

Nelson Businesses

Jens Hansen calls itself Nelson’s most established & only internationally recognised artisan jewellery workshop.

Kuske is a Nelson based eyewear boutique.

Christchurch Businesses 

Everybody’s Butchery specialises in hams, small goods and German meat products. Yum (if you’re not a vegetarian or vegan).

Abalone Thai offers authentic fine dining and is based in the centre of Christchurch.

Bitcoin Consulting is based in Christchurch; you could eat some fabulous Thai food or German sausages and then slip into Bitcoin Consulting and find out more about Bitcoin and Crypto investments.

LH Insulation Ltd is a family owned business that services the Christchurch, Marlborough, and Kaikoura areas. They provide – as their name says – insulation services.

Queenstown Businesses 

Ones and Zeroes is a web and app developer based in Queenstown.

Dunedin Businesses

Future Health provides New Zealand grown hemp seed oil products. 

Bitcoin ATM Locations in NZ

A Bitcoin ATM allows a person to purchase Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies using a debit or credit card. Some Bitcoin ATMs even offer the functionality of enabling both the purchase of Bitcoin as well as the sale of Bitcoin. This means you can convert Bitcoin into cash and withdraw it on the spot.

At present, there are no reported Bitcoin ATMs across In New Zealand, however, with the growth of the crypto industry expected to continue, this is subject to change.

Did We Miss Anything?

As cryptocurrency continues its rapid ascent in popularity, there’s no doubt more and more businesses will start accepting Bitcoin and crypto as an alternative payment option. 

If your business offers cryptocurrency payments, or you know of a business that does, get in contact.

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