Swyftx will support the redenomination and token swap of GXChain (GXS) to the REI Network (REI). Please see below for further information: 

  • At 10:00am on 25/04/22, Swyftx will delist GXS from trading suspend all deposits and withdrawals of GXS.  
  • Please ensure you have left sufficient time for your GXS deposits to be fully processed prior to this time. 
  • Once trading, deposits and withdrawals are suspended, Swyftx will begin distributing REI to all eligible GXS holders at a ratio of 1 GXS = 10 REI. 
  • Trading for REI will open once the redenomination has completed.  
  • Deposits and withdrawals for REI will be opened shortly after.   

The New ERC-20 token contract (REI): 0x3Eb7bb6BC3E85194A2Cb8C2f3d9d744dfd33B234 

For further information of this change, please refer to the following: 

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