Understanding our climate impact

Cryptocurrencies place a considerable demand on global energy system because of the proof-of-work time stamping scheme that is required to add new blocks to the chain.

While this is improving rapidly through innovation, as an exchange, we recognise not only our role within this cycle but our responsibility to improve it.

Seeking carbon neutral certification through the Climate Active program is one of several steps we’re taking to better understand and address our climate impact. By becoming the first carbon neutral cryptocurrency exchange to be certified by Climate Active for our business operations, we hope to set a new industry standard for others to follow suit.

Climate Active Certification

What does it mean to be carbon neutral?

Climate Active is a combined initiative of the Australian Government and Australian businesses to encourage voluntary climate action.

The Climate Active certification is one of the most rigorous in the world and is awarded to organisations that achieve net zero emissions, effectively making them carbon neutral.

Aside from helping us to address some of the impact of our GHG emissions, our certification enables us to assess our performance on an annual basis, ensuring our continued progress and overall contribution to a low carbon economy.


The Karlantijpa North Savanna Burning Project

As a proud Australian owned and operated business, it was important to us that we supported a local offset project that spoke to our long-term carbon ambitions. At Swyftx, we believe emissions reduction is key to making a difference in the crypto space.

Through the Aboriginal Carbon Foundation, we are supporting the Karlantijpa North Savanna Burning Project. The Karlantijpa Burning Project not only supports the Indigenous community in the Northern Territory but utilises proven traditional methods to reduce the amount of carbon released through bushfires every year.

Other Initiatives

Outside of the Karlantijpa Burning Project, Swyftx has implemented a range of other initiatives to help reduce our GHG emissions.

Beyond reducing our emissions as a business, we are also looking into ways to address the impact of the cryptocurrencies we list.

Internal waste program

Swyftx maintains an internal recycling and waste disposal program to reduce the amount of unnecessary waste we send to landfill.

Smart-Tech approach

To improve the emissions output from our equipment, we pursue renewable, near-zero emission and firming technologies and frequently decommission redundant software and equipment to save energy.

The Swyftx Charity Crew

Our Charity Crew initiative encourages staff members to give back to the community and reduce their carbon footprint.

Green partnerships

Swyftx strives to work with like-minded brands that share our views on sustainability, such as the carbon neutral Dick Johnson Racing team.

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